Friday, 18 January 2008

Just as it is,

Its tea-time in country life, the house is humming with kids, animals and hubby just about to go for pantomime rehearsal! He signed up to shift scenery and now he is attending rehearsals 3 times a week. It keeps him off the streets and out of my hair for a while. Its very common in the West Country to have village pantomimes at February half-term. The thespians are all very committed I really thinks its good, great community getting to know more people and enjoy our new life.

We moved from Cheshire about 18 months ago, rented for 7 months in a very dark, dismal,cold, damp property. That was until I managed to persuade Hubby that the property we had viewed 4 months earlier was actually the place I had known since viewing was actually the place I had wanted to be. I'm not selfish I just really understand my family needs. So now here we are not damp and dismal just warm and cosy and having heard just before Christmas that we had got planning permission to convert the 3 bed farmhouse into 5 beds, when first born says, oh guess what i'm applying for university place for September! Great says I thinking why had we pushed the architects for 5 bedrooms, but realising that living by the sea we are never be short of visitors and of course the wanderer will return from time to time. All first born has to do is get the a level grades she needs.

So builder due to start in March converting 2 stone barns into 2 bedroomed cottages, we will then move into them, empty the house and work will start on the house, then when house is finished the builder can then move onto another barn that the council have said we can convert into additional 2, 2 bedroomed cottages! Sounds easy but I understand the pitfalls. Meanwhile waiting for licence to become a registered caranvan club licencee, hopefully open for bookings at Easter. We have already done a lot of landscaping, stone walling and planting in a traditonal cornish way using some palms and other plants. We have dug a drainage pond which is now full complete with jetty and an island, hoping this will colonize over the coming months. We are post and rail fencing around for safety sake and lessen the opportunity for accidents.

Stables have been made inside a disused agricultural building, these are for our 2 horses and also now a third indoor area has been prepared, made into a luxury chicken house. The chickens have a pop hole and a walkway into the grassland, so far so good they only arrived last night, 2 marans, 2 welsummers, 2 rhode island reds and a very young cockerel. Hopefully by living from dusk till dawn inside it will stem the sound of his lovely crowing. Having been reading friends blog and her new puppy I didn't envy the 6 am start not really going to look forward to a 5 am calling! By the way Mercedes you said writing was very cathartic I couldn't agree more. Getting my experiences written down will help me remember the journey we have all taken.