Sunday, 22 June 2008

It doesn't baa thinking about!

Just taken delivery of 8 Jacobs sheep, just weaned from their mothers so a little noisy. We know from experience that this will settle down. They are in the donkey field along with another three sheep which we are using to chomp down the donkey field before the donkeys arrive. The grass has to be really short for them so sheep get chomping please. Even more good news 3 more bookings for our CL site! And even better than that, about 21 days ago hubby incubated a selection of eggs 2 ducks Rhode island and pheseants well last night we heard chirping and today some have broken through the shells a little can't wait to see what happens, ducks have another week to go pheseants a little longer - hubby really chuffed.

Thursday, 19 June 2008

Girls night out.

Well last night got invited to mum's night in whilst children went on school camp, great night we all cooked and provided alcohol. Fab, Fab, night, within 1 hour of arriving youngest daughter rings mobile, hi mum couple in campervan want to camp what do i do? My first GNO for 2 years, hubby gone to secondary school for talk on activities week trip in July, Hubby left mobile at home, finally told him (i rang pub) he thought it was a set up, so they paid and left this morning as they came with dog and we don't do dogs.

Meanwhile watching tea-time neighbours, phone goes, hello etc couple hoping we had room as nothing in our area... i said yes we are very excited!! However we live on a farm and they don't want noise? i said cockeral gets going at about 8.00a.m. hope they enjoy their stay. Weather been great today but forecast rubbish.

Wednesday, 18 June 2008


Yes i know the name of a good eighties pop group, they did some good songs but i wish they had been called Sun,Sun,Sun, it's great living in Cornwall but just having got over the fuel problem (hubby said when its gone its gone), meanwhile maniac me planned route so i could cover all jobs on saturday afternoon that just happened to go past many petrol stations. Plan worked and i did top up not because i am a maniac but because i knew we would need food, children taken to activities, jobs etc. Anyway panic over tanker drivers happy at their - 12% increase i believe. But if we start on that one and the nurses pay, teachers pay, etc etc. Well where was i? So deccided to come in out of the wet and spend a little blog time, many distractions once inside, phone calls, cups of tea for builders etc etc, next thing you know its 4pm and nearly dinner time. Along with the wet the wind has also made an appearance i just love flamin' June. Keep seeing a break in the cloud but doesn't amount to much. Desperate to get outdoor jobs done, weeding, weeding and maybe even some weeding. I don't really mind and it means you can think of other things in your head as you go. I have started to repair an old rabbit hutch i keep stripping off the old wood but frankly i'm getting down to not much, we thought as it stands on four legs and has a nice grill front it would be good to sell our eggs at the gate again. Our supply dried up then a nasty magpie came and had the occasional bite plus some of the birds started eating their own eggs, short of grit we have learnt so we shall try again. The builders took the roof of the second barn and discovered the wood was more rotten than we thought, so a small delay whilst they make new A-frames but anyone who has done any kind of extension or new build knows you always have to accept that things take longer than anticipated. There is some good news the donkeys should be arriving around the 1st July so i am really looking forward to that. Youngest boy has gone to camp today for one night only with school it's in dorms so will be nice and safe however his first night away from home not sure he will bother but i might, so going out with other Mum's just so we all feel better, maybe a drink or three, some food and then driving daughter collecting and bringing us all home again. Meanwhile hubby going to a school meeting then to pub and then driving daughter collecting said hubby on way home, good plan, just wish the rain would stop!

Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Been neglecting blog!

Having a blog can sometimes be like having a diary and forgetting to turn the pages.

When you do switch on/ turn pages you realise that 2 weeks maybe a month have gone by and nothing written in the pages! Well that is my poor apology out of the way.

Flaming June has arrived along with that my daughters birthdays 17 and 20 - where has the time gone? They have decided to go on holiday together for their birthday present. They fancy Turkey or Zante, i have already said i don't want to travel further than Exeter for the airport. That is a bit restricting, 7 days or 2 weeks, what happens if they bicker will two weeks be too much but will a week be enough to develope the kind of sun tan they are hoping to achieve. Decisions decisions - meanwhile back at the ranch,

We have had 3 of our Rhode Island Reds eggs hatched by a friend, not a lot i know but we are really pleased, then we noticed something not right with the rear of two - won't go into detail but it appears that the heater lamp may have been too close to the birds or it may be that they are establishing the pecking order of the 3 which by coincidence shows the 2 smaller birds with the rear problem! So we have split them all up they can still see each other - not sure it makes a difference.
The whole hatching process started because we have been selling the eggs at the gate again and can't keep up with the demand we have been more vigilant this time so nothing stolen so far.

The builders are cracking on at a stonking pace, looking at kitchens for the cottages tomorrow, easy to clean minimallist is what we want to acheive.

Made a huge mistake last week, got chatting to a lady in agricultural store over the notice board - as one does! Said i was looking for a companion pony for the dartmoor she said she had just the thing, went with my boys next day to view, it was bigger than i thought gut feeling said no but heart said yes. Pony arrives Monday got on with dartmoor great 8.00am next morning knock at door had we a little black pony, yes, pony escaped and trotted mile and half up lane tethered at neighbouring farm oops. Woke eldest daughter walked horse home, horse going mental she had escaped under two lines of thick electric fence, put pony in stable tried to climb out. Rang lady who sold horse she said nothing she could do. I blubbered to hubby, hubby said ring her again and she did come and collect. Maybe the fact i paid by cheque may have helped! Moral of story don't talk to strangers and always go with gut feeling. Mentioned to hubby i am sick of chasing round looking for him can i have a quad bike.....................................................................