Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Just exactly whose idea was this?

So the roof has come off, the builders are really cooking on gas, well they would be if we had gas in this neck of the woods! We had some delays, namely the wind, nowt to do with the builders but that from above. I lay in our bed in the depths of the duvet over the past few nights and said a little prayer along the lines of please don't rip the lid off my home, it really would be the final straw. So far so good, and the forecast shows a drop in the wind over the next few days. Normally- as in the old days when I had a proper home with central heating, a bath or two and everywhere in it's home type of home, who and I kidding it was always untidy, the kids would still fight etc, BUT I could potter about. I really miss my pottering, if I go into the laundry room that is where the washing machine is living and the only place my lap top works, it's freezing my fingers get cold, do fingerless gloves really work?
So it goes dark about 5.00pm i have to pick up daughter from bus I then finish tea off so the kids can eat If I have left washing or something needs ironing in the laundry room I have to go through the building site to get it I can't carry a torch and washing at the same time, his nibs suggested a hat with a light attached - yes I know it's a good idea but he just doesn't get it, I then take the clothes for the children living in the deluxe centrally heated barn with lovely new kitchen and power shower I then go back and get the washing for his nibs and myself and our youngest child who all sleep in the cold, damp miserable caravan - sorry caravan it's not your fault , you have kept your lid on for me! all my pottering is outdoors and I am hating it, the gas bottle has finished in the caravan so I can't have warm water to even wash my hands!
If I haven't had a shower before the builders arrive then I have to dress in the caravan and undress in the barn for a shower i hope you don't mind me offloading but this life is feeling uck right now I know it will get better - and before you ask or suggest I potter in the day it's difficult because the builders are driving dumpers, diggers today the scaffolders are here again and yesterday the roof trusses arrived. I can't even park close to unpack shopping as my car gets in the way and I practically shop everyday because I don't have the storage to keep enough food for all off us.
Right, thanks for that everyone, feeling a bit better, it's good to talk.

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Everything is beautiful!

Well I think so, it's because the birds are singing, the builders are building and his nibs has gone on a course about sustainable tourism! He has to give a presentation about our business etc, and explain where we see ouselves on the green side. What these people won't know is that his nibs is a very successful ex MD of a Recruitment Business and he won most of the work by the skill of his presenting! Sorry if I sound trumpet blowing, but credit where it is due, he may be a ***ser most of the timebut I would love to have been a fly on the wall when he spoke! Der of 'im, as they say here in Cornwall, or bless, to the rest of you.
So I am allowed on computer to look, to buy, to blog, whatever I desire, his nibs says I can go on at night but it means putting on a coat wellies with a tourch trying not to fall over the builders rubble, you get the picture, it's hard enough to put a coat on just so I can walk from the lovely warm barn and go to bed in the not so warm caravan, bliss. One month down 5 months to go.
I sat in the hairdressers today, i go every 7 weeks, so hopefully after 3 more hairdresser appointments I shall move back into house, wonder if the builders will mind? especially if they haven't finished.
So FIFTEEN well what can i say, just go it is fab, i love my food and so does my friend, who incidently got better to enjoy a lovely tasting lunch. Hopefully as a family we will go between Christmas and New Year and hope it remains the same.
First born coming home on Friday can't wait, wonder where the plates will disappear, she reckons she has changed - she would have had too I only packed one plate, one cup ete etc.
So the day is beautiful in my opinion, who knows about tormorrow.