Sunday, 26 October 2008

What happened to the party animal?

Well hubby an kids went off to France I had my GNI at mine and had a wonderful Friday night, everyone enjoyed the food and we had a real good laugh. We never have music playing which suprises me but it's just we all have so much to say and it's all lovely.
Saturday came and I changed the bed for my visitor and dashed around poo picking donkeys dropping winter horse rugs off to a friend and just made Newquay airport as friend arrived from the North, it was great to see her last time was April last year when she put me up when my Dad had died, so lovely to see her again as a little holiday. Great that no one else is here to think about. So whislte stop tour en route, quick drink change of outfit, off in taxi to Truro to see Boy George! Really lovely pre-theatre dinner at Indaba then off to see the good man himself. He was brilliant, he's put on a bit of weight but voice still brilliant sang a couple of covers Dire Straits and T Rex, great night taxi home and watched electric proms - with another little drink, all champagne by the way. Today set off for whislte stop tour got as far as Porth Leven, friend feeling queasy, must have been the sausages at breakfast, friend sat in car for 10 minutes still feeling queasy, eventually I said would you like to go home, yes said friend. So here we are back at the ranch. Whatever happened to my friend and are partying days, wonder what she would like for dinner, trouble is mention the food and she feels more queasy, hey ho hope she's better for fifteen tomorrow!

Sunday, 19 October 2008

Plough on

Sitting in hubby's office - well he doesn't know he's cleaning car, I can enjoy use of computer and checking my emails, none of it very exciting but enjoying others blog reads. Whilst sat sitting here I can hear the noise of the local ploughing competition, we had thought about going but got the binoculars out instead! Pretty good view, i'd give the prize to the horse just for the heck of it. For anyone read previous blog, re farmhouse oven on Friday after further investigation and much prodding and pokeing, suddenly through the mist of the soot another clome oven has been found this one complete with door and handle and also the rail above which I presume held suspended kettles and pots not in use, fantastic, builders got very excited apart from the one that was removing the remaining toilet waste pipe which he thought had been rinsed out! He must be very well trained as he cleared up his pile of sick himself!

So what wonders await? Not much I would think there is hardly anything left to see, apart from interior cob wall which was meant to be coming out, well I found husband stroking and hugging said wall and after Friday night discussions in the pub the wonderful builder is looking at how we can alter interior so we can preserve wall! Happy husband and me also I really wanted to maintain as many features as realisticly possible.

On a different note it would have been my Dad's birthday today still think of him every day and I am sure I always will, also Hubby taking a friend and our two boys to northern France for d-day beaches and battlefield tours next weekend and into half term, second daughter off to stay with first born in Birmingham and - have you guessed? I am here but not alone, girls night in at mine followed by visit from up north from great friend and party animal, so off to see boy george and at some point visit to fifteen, never been so can offer opinion on blog once tried and tested, hope weather is good as sight-seeing would be nice and not possible in a mist.

Thursday, 9 October 2008

A sneaky blog!

Sneaky because him indoors has gone to town so whilst builders are building I thought I would do a quick post. The house has been totally ripped apart, all ceilings are gone and no fitting left I can't beleive we survived there for 18 months as time went on and the Rayburn died, we had no central heating and the two log burners were so sooted up that we couldn't get them to draw!
Well looking back it's no different than as a child we had no heating but we had hot water bottles and in a morning my Gran would turn on the oven and put our liberty bodices (no joke) to warm up in front of oven door! I can honestly say it never did me any harm, I think at the moment so many people are telling us how brave we are sleeping in a caravan - sorry that's not brave. We are not ill or living there because we have no home, we have chosen this route. I was certainly surprised to see so much damp, in the bedroom first born slept in (which was really a dairy downstairs) there was bitchaman on the walls, to try and prevent the damp coming through it didn't work.
The interesting things in the house are the cob walls which will remain and how plaster-boarded all the rooms were particularly the kitchen so they could put up wall cupboards. In the kitchen the builder has found a bread oven I think they call it a clome oven - not sure on spelling so we shall keep it and make a feature of it.
On a different note we had visitors yesterday who lived in Cheshire like us but he also left his business and moved to Cumbria with his lovely wife, they are having a weeks holiday in Cornwall and I have to say it was lovely to have a visit from genuine friends, hubby and him communicate every day and will always be friends, no point scoring just a great manly love it was lovely to see them laughing so much and enjoying each others company, have to say local pub let us down badly, why can't people cook properly when your paying for it? Anyway enough for now donkey poo awaits!! The weather is lovely we have been having misty mornings and lovely hot sunshine I love this time of year.