Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Is it possible to be nice to the builder?

and mean it?

Well honestly fantastic builder I take my hat off to him - well according to my family I should never wear a hat! But, when we started on this project and spent a long time getting planning through and sourcing the builder, we have gone from him wanting to build the kitchen the bedroom furniture - sourcing mood lighting etc etc etc. So now we have had someone doing the roof, someone else doing the blockwork, it is so easy at the start of these projects to feel impressed by the confidence the builder shows and think it will be okay. What you cannot do is legislate for builders going sick, wind and rain being so poor that work has to be halted outside, but at least that gets the inside moved on again, hindsight is a great thing. I don't think we would have used another builder because he is brilliant but if ever there is a question to be answered he will ask me and then ask his nibs. No I am not phased by that attitude at all am I?
Who the bloody hell does he think he is, basically he should know by now that I have a budget for the interior and what I say goes. His nibs doesn't bother at all, up until 3 years ago he wouldn't even know where or when we were going on holiday, he would never of noticed if I had decorated a room. He didn't even know that I had moved no2 daughter to another school in year 3! So now he is getting quite wound up about the builder going behind my back it doesn't nothing to help relations at all.
So thanks, much better for ranting it really does help. So 67 sleeps left - hoping to move back in over the last week end of March, the stairs have gone in and look great I have offered to wax all the spindles which will start tomorrow - I bet I get that wrong.

Yesterday was lovely for the weather is was nearly warm well sort off. At present sourcing low energy lamps and fitting, hardly anything decent about, but we'll get there you have to have 25% of fittings low energy to pass building regs, but I am happy with that we are hoping to go along the green tourism route so is anyone has had experience themselves we would welcome any imput.
First born rang today very upset - feeling pressured by some uni girls to take the smallest bedroom right by the front door for her second year house share at uni. Mum wont do needs dad so he told her to pull out and stay in halls, it seems there are a few others who will be doing the same, it is horrible when she isn't here but needs a loving arm. Anyway she is happy now hopefully the row with the particular girl will blow over.
What will tomorrow bring?

Saturday, 17 January 2009

Windy, but it wasn't the beans!

Well folks having spent the first part of the morning, battening down the hatches, we keep an eye on the weather forecast but it seems the wind is about to blow quite severly. I am sure anyone living on the west side of the country will also be feeling a little worried. We have secured as much as we can and have airbeds in reserve if we need to decamp to the barn from the caravan again. Having looked at the met office weather forecast it appears the worst is through the evening and over by midnight. Maybe a few glugs of red will let me sleep through the night.
The second part of the morning was spent getting a late breakfast at Smokey Joe's transport cafe, all went well until having ordered and had a long wait when the food finally came I felt light headed, had a couple of mouthfuls and decided to wait in the car, I felt a bit mean but his nibs and the boys ate quickly because they were worried about me.
I feel fine now, I just think things are beginning to tell on me a bit. As previously posted his nibs is a wurling dervish and his mouth is the worst culprit, he offloads from the minute he wakes up until he goes to sleep at night and even then he has been known to talk in his sleep. Sometimes I wrote things down so as not to forget, in the past there was quite a bit of swearing he must have felt so stressed nowadays it's more of him organising himself. So consequently I will blame his nibs for 'going on too much'. I also feel the need for a leisurely bath and a lie-in, which just isn't possible in the caravan it is so noisy in there without insulation. Still 70 odd sleeps left in the van it's downhill all the way now yippee. The stairs are still waiting to be installed lying on the kitchen floor I keep tilting my head to work out how they will look when put in place.
I hope everyone stays safe in the wind, have a good weekend whatever you have planned.

Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Brassed off!

I'm sure everyone is suffering with the brass weather at present, myself included!
Just had a small row with his nibs, he thinks I am making something out of nothing but I thought that he could have been a little bit more supportive. We have not had water since yesterday morning, so half way through washing my hair in the shower yesterday the water went, it returned slightly so 17 year old managed a quick shower last night. Today water frozen again, it's fine for the boys they don't care, but I look like ???? I am running out of knickers, can't do the washing, dishwasher will have to be unloaded and washed by hand. Sorry should I go on? At some point I will need to go out for supplies water, food, and the car showing -7c and to top it all I need air in one of my tyres! All I wanted was his nibs to say darling let me book you and the kids into a hotel for a couple of nights, Ha Ha, trouble is I look like a homeless person at present, so cold and wearing anything that is warm and clean, his nibs says if I kept busy I wouldn't feel the cold, don't you just love him?
The good news is it's meant to be getting warmer tomorrow, hopefully that might let the blockworkers back to keep putting the walls up, it has been so cold that even with stuff in the mix the cement was freezing before they could put it on the blocks.
Sorry to be ranting, it's just everytime I have a mole hill to climb it suddenly turns into mountain.
The good news is - yes there is some of that, the chickens are freezing their vents off, but coming back in to lay! Mathilda is definatly looking pregnant, exciting stuff looking forward to the spring - i seem to spend my life looking forward, I suppose it's because I can see my house coming along and all I want is to wake up in a morning, put my slippers on, pad downstairs and make a coffee, take it back upstairs and have a lovely hot shower, get dried with warm fluffy towels, do hair and make-up whilst being a TOG and then get dressed into smart clothes that match and that are clean and ironed I might even wear some jewels, they have been stored for 3 years now!
Oh well, onwards and upwards....