Monday, 29 December 2008

Piggy in the dog house!

For all you dirty minded bloggers, no I have not been having sex in the dog kennel!

Piggy is our Jack Russell, we got hime because we live on a farm and wanted a ratter! That is if the need arose, however we are currently setting up our holiday business, through the summer we had caravans coming on holiday and come spring we will have two cottages ready for letting.

This is the dilemma, piggy will not stop stealing the builders food! The guys came to work on the roof yesterday - yes Sunday, put there tiffin bags in the house and shut the door, not good enough he went in the back way and stole all their lunches.... They lock up food he finds a way in can anyone give me some advice, how can we stop him stealing off barbcues, going into the accomodations and stealing someones dinner? He is still a baby and I think he just wants some attention, so an early New Years resolution is to train the dog to come and stay and get him up to scratch by the end of March, else his nibs says piggy has to go!

First born is really feeling the strain of living away from home, really doesn't want to go back to uni, it's knowing she can come home that keeps her there, unfortunatley until we are back in the house there is absolutly nowhere for her to stay - more problems! My friend I walk the donkeys with has children older than mine and she says that the worry hasn't stopped even for her - hey ho just have to get on with things.

On a different note I have bought a heater for the laundry room, it helps dry the washing and keeps me warm whilst on the pc. I went mad yesterday and bought sn electric blanket for my side of the bed, his nibs never feels the cold. I'm sure our heating bills will be greatly reduced when we do get into the house, we are so cold in the caravan that tonight I might wear a woolly hat, we will be so warm in our fully lined, insulated house!

Christmas Day was not the best, turkey was boned, rolled and stuffed for me and everything else was from M and S ready done. Trouble is I love to cook and hardly use salt so of course by Christmas night we were all thirsty ended up drinking water - great bundle of laughs we were. We got invited to a 70s party on Saturday night it was a great laugh with lots of party games people are so friendly here in Cornwall, however youngest had rugby training on Sunday morning so I deceided to drive and let hubby have a few drinks so I dropped himoff at the rugby and went to a supermarket as a treat - yes readers we realy did need more food.
Hope Christmas was good for you all and looking forward to New Year not sure about anyone else but I like the idea of everything starting off afresh on the 1st!

Friday, 19 December 2008

Biggin up my roof!

Is it really that time already?
The builders have gone, but only until Monday, yes folks builders need work and the money and I NEED my house back!

We have already taken two bookings for the holiday cottages, great I know but one cottage not finished and the other one we are using to cook and live in, so, builders have gone on their Christmas Lunch, off to the local pub for drinks and a meal, it's for all the self-employed workers in the village so they have taken hubby too! I know, I here you asking what about me aren't I self employed? Not according to them I didn't get a look-in, however head builder asked if I was around this morning I asked if it was important he said yes okay said I, I will be here, good said he, as it's our last day can we have bacon and egg butties at crib time 10.00am? As he had made sure I was here I had very little choice, they did enjoy them.
So I have waited for the bus to drop off my little darlings and thought I would suggest footy on the beach - no offence mum but you can't really kick a ball, not even the thought of hot chocolate would encourage them, there is an alternative we could always clean the chickens out, lead balloon effect I am afraid.

So christmas hair appointment on Tuesday, should have had nails done tomorrow, but feeling really low and can't be bothered so cancelled that.
I am sure by the end of March I will be happy again No-one is ill or died and the sun is shining, I just feel a little low and need a good belly laugh, I would blog more but sitting in a cold room doesn't help to cheer me, so onwards and upwards - shouldn't but need to rush through christmas so I can get into my house roof is coming on and looking fab, walls going up inside and the heart is going back into the house. Merry Christmas to all out there whether you are a doer or a reader, no matter what your situation
love Frankie