Sunday, 28 September 2008

What happened to my internet connection?

Really easy answer, hubby moved the hub into is new office along with the kitchen phone. Walls so damn thick I have lost signal. Don't worry says he, it's not like you used it for anything important! What said I - well you don't said he! So he has gone to watch Cornish Pirates and I nipped on his computer and signed in and away I go, He has now asked me exactly how long will it take to move us all out of the house? Where has this suddenly become my job? I think he thinks he is now in his office he can rule the world and become captain of industry again, well it's not that easy, the hardest thing is spending so much time together, in the previous life he was only around at weekends and that was spent watching eldest boy play football or going to watch Manchester City. Anyway enough of that, can't wait to see his face when I tell him he left the hose-pipe on from doing the chickens water this morning and it's blown the end off and water is everywhere! Why do I feel smug! Maybe because we had a small row before he went out and I don't want another on his return! Time to hit the bottle! Time to go and look like I have done something whilst he's been out apart from moving and packing books, hanging curtains in barn and caravan, washing floors, making spag bol and lemon meringue pie and washing and ironing school uniforms!

Thursday, 25 September 2008

Scams, Scams and more Scams

Well it appears that not have I been caught scammed, but several other people have too. I have finally had a call back from Devon and Cornwall police saying there is nothing they can do if the crime happens ot of Wales and England. The fact that the scammers use an address in London may well be picked up by the metropolitan police, but aside from that......
I also for now feel extremely suspicious, which really is not my nature.
I feel even more foolish that 'don' left a message anonymously and I divulged some more information I had found by researching ebay - maybe they were genuine but maybe not.
When speaking to the police I suggested they spent time educating students at schools and colleges so as to make them aware you know the saying if something appears too good to be true it probably is, shouldn't I have been better educated I wouldn't of let first born buy said boots in first place!
According to police don't touch anything on ebay it's either fake, stolen or dodgy.
I have now packed up first borns bedroom ready for builders to start extension (her bedroom is off the kitchen), not quite sure what she took to uni as most stuff appears to be here!
Nearly got all the mildew out of the caravan (hubby and mine new sleeping quarters for six months), trouble is I rubbed so much wallpaper coming off Oops! Mildew spray on hands ( I sweat in gloves) i feel like i smell off a swimming pool - lovely.
Better start tea if I start now with my little cooker it may well be ready by 6 O'clock!

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Naughty, Naughty people.

Well I have spent some of last night and most of today sorting a mess, my kids save their money if they see something on ebay, we look at the pros and cons and along the way realise if it looks fake it is fake! If a good deal occurs they use my switch card and always give me the cash.

I have two daughters they both love Ugg boots, I love Ugg slippers, cold in summer lovely and toastie in winter. Bought stuff in Florida last year bargins!
First born saw Ugg boots on ebay they didn't have her size but check out the web site!

So lets have two pairs to get you through the winter months. I am stupid. Paypal only protects ebay purchases, we made a one off purchase not through ebay so no protection. £169.39 wasted.

It appears through my Inspector Morse instincts I found the address in London was actually
The Euston Square Hotel London and an address in New York again hotel based.
The boots are fake, the stitching is wrong, the label is wrong, the sheepskin lining is wrong, and finally the sizing is wrong.
They had details on web if any problems contact wihin 3 days for a full refund, I asked for full refund said sizing was wrong, guess what, send another $100.00 and keep boot, they will send correct size, shipping costs very dear cheaper this way.
Tell anyone to be careful not just this but any similar scams.
I have had to cancel switch card and suffered massive inconvenience, daughter horrified as she is now away and feels guilty.
So got that off the chest, tomorrows another day, nearly moved into caravan much more ugh! than first thought.
Onwards and upwards.

Monday, 22 September 2008


Feeling good, first born was feeling wobbly wanted to come home, that was Sunday 9.15 am now really enjoying herself. Met some other nice girls and all clubbing together to buy a microwave. So thank goodness, thinks are looking up. However, No2 daughter decides to spend two nights at a friends house in St. Ives, I'm sure it's her way of saying " well get use to this because I will be gone this time next year! So Hubby still away till tomorrow just me and the boys - and all they do is bicker! I thought they would enjoy the control of the TV but not so, ducks and chickens going to bed earlier so boys keen to help, as it's going dark they think they are staying up late good work mother, it means I can blog away. Mistake I made last night 2 glasses of red wine and decided to watch The Notebook, lovely film watched many times before but you know what it's like to find an excuse to blubber? Managed to wear Mascara today tears subsiding. So coasting through the days looking forward to the future and hope I manage to live a long and healthy life and enjoy the future. You never know I might take an hour or two , the book I am currently reading, a chair, a flask and head 3 miles down the road and sit on the beach, only living here a short time the sea and the beaches are always a novelty to me.
Or I could clean the caravan, remove curtains, wash windows, plug up any holes (don't want spiders creeping in) Install husband in his new office without him knowing puppy chewed belkin internet stick etc etc etc.
First day of Autumn today such a lovely day hope winter is crisp and sunny and not much rain - we can dream.

Saturday, 20 September 2008

How do I feel ?

Sorry not blogged for a while it's so easy to be lazy and spend my blogging time following black boxes and leaving messages, I feel I get in to deep. For someone who hasn't a clue I have tried to add black box, don't know how to add. Will not accept defeat, I WILL DO THIS.
Today I added a stat counter! It kind of sits at the bottom of the page - would like it neat and tidy at the side but....

Anyway big day today fist born is travelling to Birmingham for freshers week, she is 20, old enough to go, but had to let go. Hubby taking her and spending a couple of days up north. All the childhood memories come flashing through and the middle two children and remembering all her favorite things and tv programmes, so I thought I would spend some time cleaning and emptying her room, she is the most easy going girl, kind generous, yes I wipe the tears as I post. How will I survive until 12th December when she comes home again...............


20 dirty glasses
15 mouldy mugs
6 breakfast bowls - 1 containing mouldy shreddies
5 spoons

6 bin bags of rubbish

and everything she dooesn't need still left not packed.

How do I feel ?

Proud, pleased and missing her so very much already, I am her Mum and she can get away with all of the above because she is my daughter, my first born.
The sad thing is we are renovating a farmhouse and move into a caravan and a renovated barn,
so when she comes back she won't have a lovely clean room to come back to, but that's another post for another day.
Hope everyone enjoying weather, chilly in the wind but a lovely day.