Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Almost, but not quite!

Moving in day, of course it is. It's raining so goes without saying! Dropped eldest boy at services this morning he has gone with a group of cornish boys for a footy course at Taunton. One of his sports teachers put him forward, it's a young leaders course for boys passionate about footy. So as long as he does his best hopefully he will be satisfied. So treated myself to a starbucks coffee and hit the supermarket very early. Quite a good time to go, no shoppers just loads of shelf stackers in the way and then no bloody tills open! Just another frustrated blogger I guess.

I got back home just after 10 and yes readers builders are still building, no shower door now as wrong size ordered, no kitchen fitter, painter still painting, last doors being hung but still I cannot get in my home and make it well, homely!
Still yet to sort out curtains but not too worried as no near neighbours, just the guys rendering outside the bedroom window and then I guess the painter will be painting the rendering - one day all this will be mine again. I just want slippers, comfort no dirt no horrible workers boots around. Did I mention previously that the downstairs shower/wc and boot room will be boarded up from house so builders can get those rooms up and running so in actual fact house not really finished at all - or am I just being picky? Can't believe that I still have this bunged up nasal/head thing this is my fourth week, it's so much better but I nead both hands for a really good blow and that does relieve the pressure for a little while, can't smell anything or taste for that matter but don't worry about me i will solider on.
Just another note, not sure if it's because we are so busy here but I haven't had time to panic, or have anxiety at all not sure if it's the head? Normally I wouldn't be so bunged up, what could be happening to me? Am I becoming fulfilled and leaving the remnants of my past behind? Am I looking to deep for something that was my get out clause? Who knows, Frankie quit the gibberish!
Might just nip to TK Maxx and buy the lovely bedside lights I fancy?
Too rainy to move just now and house too full of men, well that's my justification anyway.

Friday, 10 April 2009

Who said it was a good Friday?

I am not a whinger, but I shall have a go. Fitted furniture? Well it seems the company who supplied us are bull****ers, several small vans have delivered furniture every other day since last Friday. Today the last van load of stuff has arrived, so you would think we were on target for Sunday move in, NO No No it aint happening until Wednesday now. This has been my ultimate decision to make, I have disappointed the kids and myself, his nibs wouldn't really notice we had moved at all, as long as he is fed and beered! Because furniture came in dribs and drabs the fitter could only fit what he had which in turn meant he was working in 3 bedrooms at once, which then meant, carpet fitter couldn't fit, so he has delayed rest of fitting until Tuesday. So, feeling better already - it is good to talk! So it makes more sense to put things away into units and do everything else but leave the beds till last.
It's Easter hols, kids have gone to the beach to play footy with his nibs, I am ploughing through washing and looking forward to being clean and tidy in new home.
On a different note, shepherd has taken ewe and lamb away to help them bond, baby duck is doing well and I am enjoying the lovely weather, time wise it will be two years since my beloved step dad died on Easter Saturday, I always feel his presence and the kids love to remember him too, I am so glad the youngest child can still remember him.
Have a lovely Easter everyone, not toooo much chocolate and spare a thought for the real reason we are celebrating, (gosh nearly went all religious on you, sometimes the catholic upbringing rears it's head from time to time)!

Saturday, 4 April 2009

Are we there yet?

Well readers, the answer is nearly, I know, I know a long and drawn out process. Deadlines passed with a laugh and a scream - both from me. But we have turned the corner, the decorator has almost completed upstairs, kitchen men PROMISE to come back on Monday, the carpet is due to be put down Wednesday and Thursday and the fitted furniture is being fitted as we speak! Yes that's right, on a Saturday, he started yesterday morning and is working 12 hour days until finished on Easter Sunday which we think will be our first night in the house, very exciting. Apart from me starting with a head cold last week, missed a girls night in as would not have been good company to now have throbbing head, watery eye and sore sinuses, so guess who still has to cook, shop, wash, clean chickens, pick poo, plant out and on top of all that (did make the hairdressers for cut and colour which was final countdown for house move), my 3 sheep started to have their lambs, lamb number one easy, born two days ago with ears like dumbo and enormously long legs, oh and a massive scrotum hanging between legs, think that may be a ram says I. Number 2 sheep goes into labour, waters break and not much happening, 1 hour later head and one leg appears, hubby and friend tried to push back in to get the other leg, wouldn't budge, we ring our friend the shepherd who swings into action like the cavalry, however, lamb is dead, me sad I didn't cry just walked away left others to it. Builders had all be routing for the lamb, they seemed more upset than me! Then out of this tragedy comes hope, shepherd has an orphan lamb 3 days old at home, so (sparing details) he makes orphan lamb more attractive to the ewe, smells etc, and within 2 hours orphaned lamb is sucking from it's adoptive mother. They are secure in a stable at the moment but hopefully soon they will reunite with their friends in the field and gambol around together. Number 3 ewe due soon may well be expecting twins. Help.....