Monday, 29 December 2008

Piggy in the dog house!

For all you dirty minded bloggers, no I have not been having sex in the dog kennel!

Piggy is our Jack Russell, we got hime because we live on a farm and wanted a ratter! That is if the need arose, however we are currently setting up our holiday business, through the summer we had caravans coming on holiday and come spring we will have two cottages ready for letting.

This is the dilemma, piggy will not stop stealing the builders food! The guys came to work on the roof yesterday - yes Sunday, put there tiffin bags in the house and shut the door, not good enough he went in the back way and stole all their lunches.... They lock up food he finds a way in can anyone give me some advice, how can we stop him stealing off barbcues, going into the accomodations and stealing someones dinner? He is still a baby and I think he just wants some attention, so an early New Years resolution is to train the dog to come and stay and get him up to scratch by the end of March, else his nibs says piggy has to go!

First born is really feeling the strain of living away from home, really doesn't want to go back to uni, it's knowing she can come home that keeps her there, unfortunatley until we are back in the house there is absolutly nowhere for her to stay - more problems! My friend I walk the donkeys with has children older than mine and she says that the worry hasn't stopped even for her - hey ho just have to get on with things.

On a different note I have bought a heater for the laundry room, it helps dry the washing and keeps me warm whilst on the pc. I went mad yesterday and bought sn electric blanket for my side of the bed, his nibs never feels the cold. I'm sure our heating bills will be greatly reduced when we do get into the house, we are so cold in the caravan that tonight I might wear a woolly hat, we will be so warm in our fully lined, insulated house!

Christmas Day was not the best, turkey was boned, rolled and stuffed for me and everything else was from M and S ready done. Trouble is I love to cook and hardly use salt so of course by Christmas night we were all thirsty ended up drinking water - great bundle of laughs we were. We got invited to a 70s party on Saturday night it was a great laugh with lots of party games people are so friendly here in Cornwall, however youngest had rugby training on Sunday morning so I deceided to drive and let hubby have a few drinks so I dropped himoff at the rugby and went to a supermarket as a treat - yes readers we realy did need more food.
Hope Christmas was good for you all and looking forward to New Year not sure about anyone else but I like the idea of everything starting off afresh on the 1st!

Friday, 19 December 2008

Biggin up my roof!

Is it really that time already?
The builders have gone, but only until Monday, yes folks builders need work and the money and I NEED my house back!

We have already taken two bookings for the holiday cottages, great I know but one cottage not finished and the other one we are using to cook and live in, so, builders have gone on their Christmas Lunch, off to the local pub for drinks and a meal, it's for all the self-employed workers in the village so they have taken hubby too! I know, I here you asking what about me aren't I self employed? Not according to them I didn't get a look-in, however head builder asked if I was around this morning I asked if it was important he said yes okay said I, I will be here, good said he, as it's our last day can we have bacon and egg butties at crib time 10.00am? As he had made sure I was here I had very little choice, they did enjoy them.
So I have waited for the bus to drop off my little darlings and thought I would suggest footy on the beach - no offence mum but you can't really kick a ball, not even the thought of hot chocolate would encourage them, there is an alternative we could always clean the chickens out, lead balloon effect I am afraid.

So christmas hair appointment on Tuesday, should have had nails done tomorrow, but feeling really low and can't be bothered so cancelled that.
I am sure by the end of March I will be happy again No-one is ill or died and the sun is shining, I just feel a little low and need a good belly laugh, I would blog more but sitting in a cold room doesn't help to cheer me, so onwards and upwards - shouldn't but need to rush through christmas so I can get into my house roof is coming on and looking fab, walls going up inside and the heart is going back into the house. Merry Christmas to all out there whether you are a doer or a reader, no matter what your situation
love Frankie

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Just exactly whose idea was this?

So the roof has come off, the builders are really cooking on gas, well they would be if we had gas in this neck of the woods! We had some delays, namely the wind, nowt to do with the builders but that from above. I lay in our bed in the depths of the duvet over the past few nights and said a little prayer along the lines of please don't rip the lid off my home, it really would be the final straw. So far so good, and the forecast shows a drop in the wind over the next few days. Normally- as in the old days when I had a proper home with central heating, a bath or two and everywhere in it's home type of home, who and I kidding it was always untidy, the kids would still fight etc, BUT I could potter about. I really miss my pottering, if I go into the laundry room that is where the washing machine is living and the only place my lap top works, it's freezing my fingers get cold, do fingerless gloves really work?
So it goes dark about 5.00pm i have to pick up daughter from bus I then finish tea off so the kids can eat If I have left washing or something needs ironing in the laundry room I have to go through the building site to get it I can't carry a torch and washing at the same time, his nibs suggested a hat with a light attached - yes I know it's a good idea but he just doesn't get it, I then take the clothes for the children living in the deluxe centrally heated barn with lovely new kitchen and power shower I then go back and get the washing for his nibs and myself and our youngest child who all sleep in the cold, damp miserable caravan - sorry caravan it's not your fault , you have kept your lid on for me! all my pottering is outdoors and I am hating it, the gas bottle has finished in the caravan so I can't have warm water to even wash my hands!
If I haven't had a shower before the builders arrive then I have to dress in the caravan and undress in the barn for a shower i hope you don't mind me offloading but this life is feeling uck right now I know it will get better - and before you ask or suggest I potter in the day it's difficult because the builders are driving dumpers, diggers today the scaffolders are here again and yesterday the roof trusses arrived. I can't even park close to unpack shopping as my car gets in the way and I practically shop everyday because I don't have the storage to keep enough food for all off us.
Right, thanks for that everyone, feeling a bit better, it's good to talk.

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Everything is beautiful!

Well I think so, it's because the birds are singing, the builders are building and his nibs has gone on a course about sustainable tourism! He has to give a presentation about our business etc, and explain where we see ouselves on the green side. What these people won't know is that his nibs is a very successful ex MD of a Recruitment Business and he won most of the work by the skill of his presenting! Sorry if I sound trumpet blowing, but credit where it is due, he may be a ***ser most of the timebut I would love to have been a fly on the wall when he spoke! Der of 'im, as they say here in Cornwall, or bless, to the rest of you.
So I am allowed on computer to look, to buy, to blog, whatever I desire, his nibs says I can go on at night but it means putting on a coat wellies with a tourch trying not to fall over the builders rubble, you get the picture, it's hard enough to put a coat on just so I can walk from the lovely warm barn and go to bed in the not so warm caravan, bliss. One month down 5 months to go.
I sat in the hairdressers today, i go every 7 weeks, so hopefully after 3 more hairdresser appointments I shall move back into house, wonder if the builders will mind? especially if they haven't finished.
So FIFTEEN well what can i say, just go it is fab, i love my food and so does my friend, who incidently got better to enjoy a lovely tasting lunch. Hopefully as a family we will go between Christmas and New Year and hope it remains the same.
First born coming home on Friday can't wait, wonder where the plates will disappear, she reckons she has changed - she would have had too I only packed one plate, one cup ete etc.
So the day is beautiful in my opinion, who knows about tormorrow.

Sunday, 26 October 2008

What happened to the party animal?

Well hubby an kids went off to France I had my GNI at mine and had a wonderful Friday night, everyone enjoyed the food and we had a real good laugh. We never have music playing which suprises me but it's just we all have so much to say and it's all lovely.
Saturday came and I changed the bed for my visitor and dashed around poo picking donkeys dropping winter horse rugs off to a friend and just made Newquay airport as friend arrived from the North, it was great to see her last time was April last year when she put me up when my Dad had died, so lovely to see her again as a little holiday. Great that no one else is here to think about. So whislte stop tour en route, quick drink change of outfit, off in taxi to Truro to see Boy George! Really lovely pre-theatre dinner at Indaba then off to see the good man himself. He was brilliant, he's put on a bit of weight but voice still brilliant sang a couple of covers Dire Straits and T Rex, great night taxi home and watched electric proms - with another little drink, all champagne by the way. Today set off for whislte stop tour got as far as Porth Leven, friend feeling queasy, must have been the sausages at breakfast, friend sat in car for 10 minutes still feeling queasy, eventually I said would you like to go home, yes said friend. So here we are back at the ranch. Whatever happened to my friend and are partying days, wonder what she would like for dinner, trouble is mention the food and she feels more queasy, hey ho hope she's better for fifteen tomorrow!

Sunday, 19 October 2008

Plough on

Sitting in hubby's office - well he doesn't know he's cleaning car, I can enjoy use of computer and checking my emails, none of it very exciting but enjoying others blog reads. Whilst sat sitting here I can hear the noise of the local ploughing competition, we had thought about going but got the binoculars out instead! Pretty good view, i'd give the prize to the horse just for the heck of it. For anyone read previous blog, re farmhouse oven on Friday after further investigation and much prodding and pokeing, suddenly through the mist of the soot another clome oven has been found this one complete with door and handle and also the rail above which I presume held suspended kettles and pots not in use, fantastic, builders got very excited apart from the one that was removing the remaining toilet waste pipe which he thought had been rinsed out! He must be very well trained as he cleared up his pile of sick himself!

So what wonders await? Not much I would think there is hardly anything left to see, apart from interior cob wall which was meant to be coming out, well I found husband stroking and hugging said wall and after Friday night discussions in the pub the wonderful builder is looking at how we can alter interior so we can preserve wall! Happy husband and me also I really wanted to maintain as many features as realisticly possible.

On a different note it would have been my Dad's birthday today still think of him every day and I am sure I always will, also Hubby taking a friend and our two boys to northern France for d-day beaches and battlefield tours next weekend and into half term, second daughter off to stay with first born in Birmingham and - have you guessed? I am here but not alone, girls night in at mine followed by visit from up north from great friend and party animal, so off to see boy george and at some point visit to fifteen, never been so can offer opinion on blog once tried and tested, hope weather is good as sight-seeing would be nice and not possible in a mist.

Thursday, 9 October 2008

A sneaky blog!

Sneaky because him indoors has gone to town so whilst builders are building I thought I would do a quick post. The house has been totally ripped apart, all ceilings are gone and no fitting left I can't beleive we survived there for 18 months as time went on and the Rayburn died, we had no central heating and the two log burners were so sooted up that we couldn't get them to draw!
Well looking back it's no different than as a child we had no heating but we had hot water bottles and in a morning my Gran would turn on the oven and put our liberty bodices (no joke) to warm up in front of oven door! I can honestly say it never did me any harm, I think at the moment so many people are telling us how brave we are sleeping in a caravan - sorry that's not brave. We are not ill or living there because we have no home, we have chosen this route. I was certainly surprised to see so much damp, in the bedroom first born slept in (which was really a dairy downstairs) there was bitchaman on the walls, to try and prevent the damp coming through it didn't work.
The interesting things in the house are the cob walls which will remain and how plaster-boarded all the rooms were particularly the kitchen so they could put up wall cupboards. In the kitchen the builder has found a bread oven I think they call it a clome oven - not sure on spelling so we shall keep it and make a feature of it.
On a different note we had visitors yesterday who lived in Cheshire like us but he also left his business and moved to Cumbria with his lovely wife, they are having a weeks holiday in Cornwall and I have to say it was lovely to have a visit from genuine friends, hubby and him communicate every day and will always be friends, no point scoring just a great manly love it was lovely to see them laughing so much and enjoying each others company, have to say local pub let us down badly, why can't people cook properly when your paying for it? Anyway enough for now donkey poo awaits!! The weather is lovely we have been having misty mornings and lovely hot sunshine I love this time of year.

Sunday, 28 September 2008

What happened to my internet connection?

Really easy answer, hubby moved the hub into is new office along with the kitchen phone. Walls so damn thick I have lost signal. Don't worry says he, it's not like you used it for anything important! What said I - well you don't said he! So he has gone to watch Cornish Pirates and I nipped on his computer and signed in and away I go, He has now asked me exactly how long will it take to move us all out of the house? Where has this suddenly become my job? I think he thinks he is now in his office he can rule the world and become captain of industry again, well it's not that easy, the hardest thing is spending so much time together, in the previous life he was only around at weekends and that was spent watching eldest boy play football or going to watch Manchester City. Anyway enough of that, can't wait to see his face when I tell him he left the hose-pipe on from doing the chickens water this morning and it's blown the end off and water is everywhere! Why do I feel smug! Maybe because we had a small row before he went out and I don't want another on his return! Time to hit the bottle! Time to go and look like I have done something whilst he's been out apart from moving and packing books, hanging curtains in barn and caravan, washing floors, making spag bol and lemon meringue pie and washing and ironing school uniforms!

Thursday, 25 September 2008

Scams, Scams and more Scams

Well it appears that not have I been caught scammed, but several other people have too. I have finally had a call back from Devon and Cornwall police saying there is nothing they can do if the crime happens ot of Wales and England. The fact that the scammers use an address in London may well be picked up by the metropolitan police, but aside from that......
I also for now feel extremely suspicious, which really is not my nature.
I feel even more foolish that 'don' left a message anonymously and I divulged some more information I had found by researching ebay - maybe they were genuine but maybe not.
When speaking to the police I suggested they spent time educating students at schools and colleges so as to make them aware you know the saying if something appears too good to be true it probably is, shouldn't I have been better educated I wouldn't of let first born buy said boots in first place!
According to police don't touch anything on ebay it's either fake, stolen or dodgy.
I have now packed up first borns bedroom ready for builders to start extension (her bedroom is off the kitchen), not quite sure what she took to uni as most stuff appears to be here!
Nearly got all the mildew out of the caravan (hubby and mine new sleeping quarters for six months), trouble is I rubbed so much wallpaper coming off Oops! Mildew spray on hands ( I sweat in gloves) i feel like i smell off a swimming pool - lovely.
Better start tea if I start now with my little cooker it may well be ready by 6 O'clock!

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Naughty, Naughty people.

Well I have spent some of last night and most of today sorting a mess, my kids save their money if they see something on ebay, we look at the pros and cons and along the way realise if it looks fake it is fake! If a good deal occurs they use my switch card and always give me the cash.

I have two daughters they both love Ugg boots, I love Ugg slippers, cold in summer lovely and toastie in winter. Bought stuff in Florida last year bargins!
First born saw Ugg boots on ebay they didn't have her size but check out the web site!

So lets have two pairs to get you through the winter months. I am stupid. Paypal only protects ebay purchases, we made a one off purchase not through ebay so no protection. £169.39 wasted.

It appears through my Inspector Morse instincts I found the address in London was actually
The Euston Square Hotel London and an address in New York again hotel based.
The boots are fake, the stitching is wrong, the label is wrong, the sheepskin lining is wrong, and finally the sizing is wrong.
They had details on web if any problems contact wihin 3 days for a full refund, I asked for full refund said sizing was wrong, guess what, send another $100.00 and keep boot, they will send correct size, shipping costs very dear cheaper this way.
Tell anyone to be careful not just this but any similar scams.
I have had to cancel switch card and suffered massive inconvenience, daughter horrified as she is now away and feels guilty.
So got that off the chest, tomorrows another day, nearly moved into caravan much more ugh! than first thought.
Onwards and upwards.

Monday, 22 September 2008


Feeling good, first born was feeling wobbly wanted to come home, that was Sunday 9.15 am now really enjoying herself. Met some other nice girls and all clubbing together to buy a microwave. So thank goodness, thinks are looking up. However, No2 daughter decides to spend two nights at a friends house in St. Ives, I'm sure it's her way of saying " well get use to this because I will be gone this time next year! So Hubby still away till tomorrow just me and the boys - and all they do is bicker! I thought they would enjoy the control of the TV but not so, ducks and chickens going to bed earlier so boys keen to help, as it's going dark they think they are staying up late good work mother, it means I can blog away. Mistake I made last night 2 glasses of red wine and decided to watch The Notebook, lovely film watched many times before but you know what it's like to find an excuse to blubber? Managed to wear Mascara today tears subsiding. So coasting through the days looking forward to the future and hope I manage to live a long and healthy life and enjoy the future. You never know I might take an hour or two , the book I am currently reading, a chair, a flask and head 3 miles down the road and sit on the beach, only living here a short time the sea and the beaches are always a novelty to me.
Or I could clean the caravan, remove curtains, wash windows, plug up any holes (don't want spiders creeping in) Install husband in his new office without him knowing puppy chewed belkin internet stick etc etc etc.
First day of Autumn today such a lovely day hope winter is crisp and sunny and not much rain - we can dream.

Saturday, 20 September 2008

How do I feel ?

Sorry not blogged for a while it's so easy to be lazy and spend my blogging time following black boxes and leaving messages, I feel I get in to deep. For someone who hasn't a clue I have tried to add black box, don't know how to add. Will not accept defeat, I WILL DO THIS.
Today I added a stat counter! It kind of sits at the bottom of the page - would like it neat and tidy at the side but....

Anyway big day today fist born is travelling to Birmingham for freshers week, she is 20, old enough to go, but had to let go. Hubby taking her and spending a couple of days up north. All the childhood memories come flashing through and the middle two children and remembering all her favorite things and tv programmes, so I thought I would spend some time cleaning and emptying her room, she is the most easy going girl, kind generous, yes I wipe the tears as I post. How will I survive until 12th December when she comes home again...............


20 dirty glasses
15 mouldy mugs
6 breakfast bowls - 1 containing mouldy shreddies
5 spoons

6 bin bags of rubbish

and everything she dooesn't need still left not packed.

How do I feel ?

Proud, pleased and missing her so very much already, I am her Mum and she can get away with all of the above because she is my daughter, my first born.
The sad thing is we are renovating a farmhouse and move into a caravan and a renovated barn,
so when she comes back she won't have a lovely clean room to come back to, but that's another post for another day.
Hope everyone enjoying weather, chilly in the wind but a lovely day.

Wednesday, 20 August 2008

A very sunny day!!!

Rumblings afoot that the weather may be improving as I write this post I find that very hard to beleive, suddenly from nowhere that awful drizzly mist appeared and once again my view has disappeared. I was going to post last night but I had a very traumatic experience whilst shopping in Truro yesterday, they had a book signing by the very magnificent Francesco Da Mosto - maybe not everybodies cup of tea but I certainly went up the escalator more than once just to look! Good job hubby puts up with my little quirks, some men may have got a bit jealous but not him maybe one day I post a photo of him. The builder wasn't impressed I forget to collect the tiles for the barn kitchen, went back to tile shop who "expected me much earlier" builder had rang him to say why I had been late! I took a bit of a ribbing - all good fun.
More caravaners arrived yesterday out of the blue which is good as most people seem rained off, we also had a chap come by on a recommendation and booked his pitch for next year. Great stuff. Can't beleive children go back to school 2 weeks tomorrow what an awful summer we have had. At least being in Cornwall we can go to the beach after school if the weather is nice and we do that a lot. I hope the weather is nice as tomorrow is Fowey Regatta when the red arrows fly past we were hoping to go, off to the poly tunnel to pick toms and tidy up.

Thursday, 14 August 2008

Happy Birthday to me.

Well 37 again! Maybe not! Hubby took me out for a lovely breakfast, it was last time we went but this time - not so good. We have found that a few times people setting themselves up in cafe or farmshops, receive funding from different agencies, do the bare minimum to get the money and then the standard drops. It is such a shame when that happens, some people go on the basis that people may go to eat once and if all fails they won't go again but money will have been spent and next year new holiday makers will try a coffee shop and if no good won't go again and so the pattern continues. Folk make enough money to live and don't see the point of making improvements. Maybe a year older has made me more synical! So today I can do what I like it's my day I received 3 wooden mushrooms to put near the pond really lovely, piccie once in situe.
Walking the donkeys this afternoon and later cooking Duck, my favorite, although not one of our own ducks - sounds bizarre couldn't eat one of mine.
Cake will be profiteroles, my favorite dessert. Funny really when it's some other member of the family birthday I cook their favorite meal and they choose a cake the only difference is I have to shop and cook for my birthday, well at least it's edible! Of course plenty of wine tonight.
And a very special day 20 year old has A level results and she is going to uni, really pleased for her, but boy will I miss her she hasn't been away from home before, redid her A levels when we moved to Cornwall so I have been lucky to have her around for a little longer than usual.
Nearly got the photo thing sorted so good day all round. Thank you Vera for having me!

Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Yet another girls night out!

Just like a bus, you don't see any for ages and then they all turn up at once. A bit like a girls night out, none for two years and now I am out again tonight. Getting a lift there and back, daughter finishes work in pub and will collect mother on her way past. Wonderful, just about to shower and get ready i'm supplying the cornish yarg and the stinking bishop! That and plenty of wine, The rain has continued and the euopean visitors left early to travel to The Eden Project and onwards, towards Lands End, hope they can see with all this mist and don't fall off at the end....

We helped them fix their bike rack and towed them off the camping area, they were grateful and supplied us with a German bottle of Red wine, we will keep and drink at a later date. Been watching one of the broody rhode island red hen, she nudges eggs under her chin and manages to get 3 or more in same roosting nest, that surprises me as they are at least 2 foot off the ground I am going to hide and see how she does it. Does my life get more exciting than this.

Tuesday, 5 August 2008

And so the rain continues....

It has been an interesting few days, we hatched some eggs over the last few weeks only 1 phesant survived, a duck hatched but later on died. When we first got into all this incubation stuff a lady did say be prepared for deadstock - it has to be when you have livestock. It's sad but we are learning from our mistakes, like for instance, when one of the builders was doing a job for a poultry fancier, he gave the builder some eggs - he passed them onto us, thanks said hubby straight into the incubator 21 days later 3 of the 6 eggs began to hatch, we now have 3 fluffy smokey coloured yellow bellied chickens! Haven't a clue what they are, hubby chatted to builder said 3 had hatched of the 6, builder said those eggs were for eating! Not sure what poultry fancier man would say about hatching his prize fowl! oops.

On another note we have recenly registered and become a Caravan Club CL, 5 caravans allowed waste and water facilities available, no showers no toilet. So things ticking over bookings coming in and bookings going out - too much rain slippery grass cars getting stuck not good for business, one such campervaner came looking for us round the house peered into downstairs room, meanwhile my 20 year old daughter getting changed doing hair and make-up all wihtout tee-shirt on, knock at front door nice european gentleman needs some help with bikes, he was very wet we offered cup of tea, daughter comes out of bedroom which is off kitchen and gentleman apologized for looking into her room but claimed it was a nice sight! Daughter very embarrassed, but will get over it, the joys of country living and running a holiday business, so time to don the mac and wellies and go egg collecting... and so the rain continues.

Saturday, 2 August 2008

Romany eat your heart out!

Well I think I have looked at every possible 2 bed caravan available to buy, I know I won't be sleeping in it, but is it a woman thing? It has to be able to be cleaned without thinking really it needs gutting, surfaces that have no burn marks or cuts on them or stains, etc etc, Get the picture? Well we seemed to have struck a deal, it will be delivered last week of August ready for a clean-up and move in, I suppose I got a little worried when Hubby spat on his palm and shook on the deal! Where does he think he is, maybe is was being in the caravan- turned him into a bit of a dealer. He thinks he got a bargain as the seller has offered to buy it back at 50% reduction when we have finished in 6 months time. Watch this space I shall take photos for when its delivered it should be worth recording! Feel today a bit of a wasted day, wanted to weed and just stay at home but worked out we had children needed picking up dropping off and Hubby helping a friend move some furniture, that has to be done at night because the village roads will be too busy to park and get furniture during the day, Hubby back much later - parting shot- what's for T!! Men and their tummys!
Well put ducks and chickens to bed feel like i have cheated on tea, pizza, burgers not even home made . Its just been one of those days and it's raining again - more and more weeds before i even have chance to clear the ones already there. At least with the rain the donkeys stay in one place - the stable, much easier for poo collecting in the morning, it does take a while to collect 14 poos if they are wandering all over there paddock.

Tomorrow hopefully less rain more jobs, you may not think so but i do enjoy this life.

Friday, 1 August 2008

Holidays are to be endured not enjoyed!

Well children broke up last week and already bored. Tried giving jobs out but all they want to do is either play footy, shop or go to the beach! Seriously it is really hard to entertain the family when there are so many jobs that need to be done. Hubby still driving the dumper or digger for the builders, which is fine, however that leaves me to automatically become taxi for daughter oh and walking cash machine and the boys just want a childrens entertainer!
I good friend came to stay last week for a few days it was just how i imagine it would be to have an au pair, he cooked, entertained and his son was a joy, now it's back to me.

I suppose things wouldn't normally bother me but tomorrow we go and choose a caravan which we will be using for partial cooking and sitting in two of the children will be sleeping in it whilst hubby myself and youngest child will be sleeping in one of the newly converted barns. Sounds good but winter will be here and there is no cover between barn and caravan, i also have to pack up the house yet again. We packed everything up January 2006 when we moved to Cornwall most of my stuff is still packed up and stored in the cow-shed i suppose if i haven't missed things in two and half years i can't possibly need them now. My wardrobe consists of one hanging rail i seem to wear the same old uniform, shorts, polos and fit flops or shorts polos and wellies so ball gowns redundant in cow-shed and for now i really don't miss that look.

So i need to motivate my children to poo pick for horse and donkeys, weed the veggies, collect the eggs to sell at the end of the drive. An ideal life i think i would have thought i was in heaven if i had grown up with donkeys and chickens, but this is our dream not theirs and at least they don't moan about being here.

Sunday, 22 June 2008

It doesn't baa thinking about!

Just taken delivery of 8 Jacobs sheep, just weaned from their mothers so a little noisy. We know from experience that this will settle down. They are in the donkey field along with another three sheep which we are using to chomp down the donkey field before the donkeys arrive. The grass has to be really short for them so sheep get chomping please. Even more good news 3 more bookings for our CL site! And even better than that, about 21 days ago hubby incubated a selection of eggs 2 ducks Rhode island and pheseants well last night we heard chirping and today some have broken through the shells a little can't wait to see what happens, ducks have another week to go pheseants a little longer - hubby really chuffed.

Thursday, 19 June 2008

Girls night out.

Well last night got invited to mum's night in whilst children went on school camp, great night we all cooked and provided alcohol. Fab, Fab, night, within 1 hour of arriving youngest daughter rings mobile, hi mum couple in campervan want to camp what do i do? My first GNO for 2 years, hubby gone to secondary school for talk on activities week trip in July, Hubby left mobile at home, finally told him (i rang pub) he thought it was a set up, so they paid and left this morning as they came with dog and we don't do dogs.

Meanwhile watching tea-time neighbours, phone goes, hello etc couple hoping we had room as nothing in our area... i said yes we are very excited!! However we live on a farm and they don't want noise? i said cockeral gets going at about 8.00a.m. hope they enjoy their stay. Weather been great today but forecast rubbish.

Wednesday, 18 June 2008


Yes i know the name of a good eighties pop group, they did some good songs but i wish they had been called Sun,Sun,Sun, it's great living in Cornwall but just having got over the fuel problem (hubby said when its gone its gone), meanwhile maniac me planned route so i could cover all jobs on saturday afternoon that just happened to go past many petrol stations. Plan worked and i did top up not because i am a maniac but because i knew we would need food, children taken to activities, jobs etc. Anyway panic over tanker drivers happy at their - 12% increase i believe. But if we start on that one and the nurses pay, teachers pay, etc etc. Well where was i? So deccided to come in out of the wet and spend a little blog time, many distractions once inside, phone calls, cups of tea for builders etc etc, next thing you know its 4pm and nearly dinner time. Along with the wet the wind has also made an appearance i just love flamin' June. Keep seeing a break in the cloud but doesn't amount to much. Desperate to get outdoor jobs done, weeding, weeding and maybe even some weeding. I don't really mind and it means you can think of other things in your head as you go. I have started to repair an old rabbit hutch i keep stripping off the old wood but frankly i'm getting down to not much, we thought as it stands on four legs and has a nice grill front it would be good to sell our eggs at the gate again. Our supply dried up then a nasty magpie came and had the occasional bite plus some of the birds started eating their own eggs, short of grit we have learnt so we shall try again. The builders took the roof of the second barn and discovered the wood was more rotten than we thought, so a small delay whilst they make new A-frames but anyone who has done any kind of extension or new build knows you always have to accept that things take longer than anticipated. There is some good news the donkeys should be arriving around the 1st July so i am really looking forward to that. Youngest boy has gone to camp today for one night only with school it's in dorms so will be nice and safe however his first night away from home not sure he will bother but i might, so going out with other Mum's just so we all feel better, maybe a drink or three, some food and then driving daughter collecting and bringing us all home again. Meanwhile hubby going to a school meeting then to pub and then driving daughter collecting said hubby on way home, good plan, just wish the rain would stop!

Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Been neglecting blog!

Having a blog can sometimes be like having a diary and forgetting to turn the pages.

When you do switch on/ turn pages you realise that 2 weeks maybe a month have gone by and nothing written in the pages! Well that is my poor apology out of the way.

Flaming June has arrived along with that my daughters birthdays 17 and 20 - where has the time gone? They have decided to go on holiday together for their birthday present. They fancy Turkey or Zante, i have already said i don't want to travel further than Exeter for the airport. That is a bit restricting, 7 days or 2 weeks, what happens if they bicker will two weeks be too much but will a week be enough to develope the kind of sun tan they are hoping to achieve. Decisions decisions - meanwhile back at the ranch,

We have had 3 of our Rhode Island Reds eggs hatched by a friend, not a lot i know but we are really pleased, then we noticed something not right with the rear of two - won't go into detail but it appears that the heater lamp may have been too close to the birds or it may be that they are establishing the pecking order of the 3 which by coincidence shows the 2 smaller birds with the rear problem! So we have split them all up they can still see each other - not sure it makes a difference.
The whole hatching process started because we have been selling the eggs at the gate again and can't keep up with the demand we have been more vigilant this time so nothing stolen so far.

The builders are cracking on at a stonking pace, looking at kitchens for the cottages tomorrow, easy to clean minimallist is what we want to acheive.

Made a huge mistake last week, got chatting to a lady in agricultural store over the notice board - as one does! Said i was looking for a companion pony for the dartmoor she said she had just the thing, went with my boys next day to view, it was bigger than i thought gut feeling said no but heart said yes. Pony arrives Monday got on with dartmoor great 8.00am next morning knock at door had we a little black pony, yes, pony escaped and trotted mile and half up lane tethered at neighbouring farm oops. Woke eldest daughter walked horse home, horse going mental she had escaped under two lines of thick electric fence, put pony in stable tried to climb out. Rang lady who sold horse she said nothing she could do. I blubbered to hubby, hubby said ring her again and she did come and collect. Maybe the fact i paid by cheque may have helped! Moral of story don't talk to strangers and always go with gut feeling. Mentioned to hubby i am sick of chasing round looking for him can i have a quad bike.....................................................................

Friday, 25 April 2008

The weekend again!

Well i really don't know where the time goes, i was thrown slightly this week by the schools being closed yesterday. I think my brain thought today was Monday, but i am truly jiggered this week, cleaning and brushing our chicken and duck houses out. Started with power washer but you still need to brush all excess waste away. Shoulders are sore, need to wear wellies because of the wet but find wellies too hot and feet all sweaty - soon be fit flop weather.

Since one of our lovely saxony ducks has been drowned - yes drowned we are off to the royal cornwall showground tomorrow they are having a poultry sale and machinery sale, so hopefully will have new birds to mention soon. Our sons like the sales especially when the catering van is in situe!
Sale not that good for us, we have become very particular about our birds we have most from a lady that breeds as a hobby and her birds are very clean and well looked after a lot of the birds we saw today were not. People selling a trio of birds 2 hens and 1 cockeral only - all were cockerals, when you know what your looking for its easy to tell! So we bought nothing, don't want disease bringing in. By the way the duck drowned because it appears the drakes become very keen to be friends and there was nothing in the water to stand on so she couldn't get out of the water. You learn something new every day.

Saturday, 5 April 2008

And the odds and sods

So unlike all you other bloggers my blogs seem to be at the weekend, it seems i have more free time then. Most off the time i have to check chickens and pony and put eggs out for sale. However during the week especially with the easter holidays i have had to put out egg sale signs and make sure eggs are there to be sold.

Sad thing is that even here in sunny Cornwall people are bad, i would like to think it won't be local people but someone has stolen some of our egg money!!!!! Husband is gutted, but we have at little expense placed a camera at egg point. We now have pictures of everyone at every hour of the day checking the footage. We will be able soon to know who stole from us with footage and prosecute, maybe i am sure i can't be bothered.

Feel sad today i am very much aware it is the anniversary of the death of my Dad 7th April last year. There is not a day goes by that i don't think about him and miss him, he only ever saw in a brochure where we were going to be living, but seemed really keen. He was the best Dad a girl could ever have, we had loads of rows but never was there a moment when i thought he would kick me out right to the end he was such a good bloke. Okay sob story over for today sure i will be a wreck again by monday. Okay too much red wine for one day, be together again soon, update all the new farm additions Happy get uniforms ready for Monday celebrations!

Thursday, 13 March 2008

Oh my god, it's ducks now!

Well, him in doors decided we need more chickens, rang chicken lady no chickens yet but we can have ducks. Rapid build of duck house inside agriultural building and guess what today 2 drakes and 10 ducks arrived. They didn't just turn up, we went to collect, thought big dog crate lined with newspaper would suffice. Yes but No but, how did they manage to hang their bottoms out of the cage and poo? My lovely disco is being used - for what i guess designers intended - we think we may need a defender. One duck laid an egg as it got here, and of course it smashed on the concrete, we have straw area waiting for laying. Hoping chickens and ducks will all get on well as they have all "ran together" previously! Listen to me you may think i am expert but not so just really chuffed we are prepared to learn and continuously do so.

Saturday, 8 March 2008

How to spend a saturday!

Well, got up nice and early, 2nd child got a job cleaning in a nursing home. Quite looking forward to it so fingers crossed even though that now means no lie in for saturdays and sundays for a while, unless she passes driving test - must book lessons.

When to a plant nursery auction today, wanted to stop farm looking so barren. Should have gone prepared and taken the truck and trailer, instead took my lovely disco and guess who had to stay behind with remaining plants that wouldn't fit in car? After freezing butt off for 2 hours plant guarding the hero returned for remaining plants and myself. I did feel sorry for him as he had to unload car at other end. We had some great bargains - apart from the plants that someone stole. You bid on lot ,when auction over you pay in office, take payment invoice and load up your lots, sounds simple but we have to remember that not everyone is honest, some folk come to auction buy at beginning pay and leave, but guess what? They leave with your lots too. Yes ladies and gentlemen folk steal. The thieve leaves with your plant/s and is at home grinning from ear to ear regarding their success meanwhile bargain hunters freeze butt stay till end of auction and find plants missing, However one perpetrator, didn't get away quickly enough and we reckon returned 4 missing conifers because they heard us shouting a lot, suddenly they reappeared. We did get a refund and the remaining missing plant was a lot of 5 conifers which we really wanted as we wanted fast growing windbreak type stuff to well to use as a windbreak. Anyway hero unloaded second car load and i'm having a quick break and a cuppa, then as a treat all family members having supper in local hostelry, nice log fire and real food, what could be better, such a rubbish weather day chickens already gone to bed so nice and safe from foxy loxy.
Just remembered got to get up early to take no 2 to job, o well worse weather to come tomorrow so planting of lots delayed for a couple of days. By the way for all gardeners out there i found out today you do not plant magnolia trees in lime based soil and don't water them with tap water as it contains lime. Sorry won't make habit of being cocky but don't really retain much in head.

Friday, 7 March 2008

Noahs Ark- without the flood

Well hear we are the end of another week, the weather here in Cornwall has been windy and chilly but really not cold. That is not compared to Cheshire cold, as yet i have only de-iced windscreen once this season and we are pretty exposed where we live! I'm sure back in the north there have been many abandoned cars due to snow by now. I spent today digging veggie patch planting bits and bobs and drawing a plan of what is where. This will be an experimental year as apart from planing spuds 12 years ago i have done this before. However, its like most things, i never had chickens before and i have learnt about them and we are about to get some more we only have the 6 hens but we are already getting 4 eggs a day! Part way into April i have got two donkeys come to live here the owner is relocating and needs somewhere for her donkeys this is good as we are trying to create the type of farm environment that is good for us and the people that visit on holiday. I have already found that friends from school come to play - not for the childs company but i think mainly for the fun of running around the fields seeing the horses, digging in the stream - you get the picture. Being a farm we can sell our produce, that is something we are really looking forward to. It's great to go to bed at night feeling totally exhausted from clearing and digging not as my husband use to find falling asleep to the drone of a train engine running you back north after a business trip to London! He use tobe an IT consultant now he is s**t shoveller, digger, tractor driver, post and rail fencer, and plenty more besides. This has been the best thing we have ever done spending days doing what we want - no deadlines, well not unless you call getting the caravan certified location up and running asap! But after due diligence for business sales etc etc
Oh thats better just paused to refill red wine glass downstairs, i have old school desk in bedroom which is a great place, sky tv with own box (condition with husband of moving to 200 yr old farmhouse waiting for builders to start), girl needs ocasional tv, lap top and copius amounts of wine.
Off to plant(garden sort) sale tomorrow early, second daughter starting cleaning job in older persons home really looking forward to that. Hopefully buying Bar B Que as well, since rayburn giving up we need a bar b with a gas ring so i can boil stuff when i need to. Not long with the builders mess and rubble, dirt and dust be finished they reckon - by christmas......
Firstborn having boyfriend over, made toad in the hole and sliced potatoes, could this be love or what, never cooked for me, maybe a slice of toast on birthday or mothers day and her bedroom is spotless. She at present is living in the dairy next to kitchen so all comings and goings of said boyfriend duly noted by all family memebers, she also sleeps in sisters room so i can relax, don't know why she is 20 this year!
have a great weekend all,

Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Half-term and Sunshine

It doesn't seem five minutes ago i was putting the last of the Turkey stock in the freezer, removing the cards from display then wham...Suddenly it's half-term and the result is unorganised chaos. It's great not having to get up every day and not have to worry about where the missing PE sock is again, but the worst is keeping the family happy. First born is fine she drives so can come and go as she pleases. But for the others it's a different ball game. The ususal cry of i'm bored can we go out, what can i do next?

Part of the problem is they haven't got used to all this space and freedom, when i was young, yes i know the dark ages! We would disappear for hours and come back when we where hungry or when it was dark. I think the boys need to make friends with children who live on farms and learn how to occupy their time.

The weather is superb just lovely warm sunshine, which means a respite on the mud. It gets everywhere and i do not know whether i will ever learn to deal with it. I invested in a welly rack and that has worked well as long as everyone uses it, and then remember to brush the excess mud away. Really exciting stuff but that is country living.

The builders started yesterday digging out the floor in the two stone barns its really noisy but i don't care i feel we are getting somewhere now even if they stop at the end of the week - which i know they will because they have another job to finish and then they can start properly on our job.

The chickens have started to lay every day which is still a novelty for us and i am pleased to report that i picked one of the hens up last night, thats the best time when you are new to chickens because they have come in to go to sleep and are a bit dopey.

Spoken to a lady looking to loan her two donkeys so meeting with her this week which i'm really looking forward to! I feel like everything is coming together now.

Friday, 18 January 2008

Just as it is,

Its tea-time in country life, the house is humming with kids, animals and hubby just about to go for pantomime rehearsal! He signed up to shift scenery and now he is attending rehearsals 3 times a week. It keeps him off the streets and out of my hair for a while. Its very common in the West Country to have village pantomimes at February half-term. The thespians are all very committed I really thinks its good, great community getting to know more people and enjoy our new life.

We moved from Cheshire about 18 months ago, rented for 7 months in a very dark, dismal,cold, damp property. That was until I managed to persuade Hubby that the property we had viewed 4 months earlier was actually the place I had known since viewing was actually the place I had wanted to be. I'm not selfish I just really understand my family needs. So now here we are not damp and dismal just warm and cosy and having heard just before Christmas that we had got planning permission to convert the 3 bed farmhouse into 5 beds, when first born says, oh guess what i'm applying for university place for September! Great says I thinking why had we pushed the architects for 5 bedrooms, but realising that living by the sea we are never be short of visitors and of course the wanderer will return from time to time. All first born has to do is get the a level grades she needs.

So builder due to start in March converting 2 stone barns into 2 bedroomed cottages, we will then move into them, empty the house and work will start on the house, then when house is finished the builder can then move onto another barn that the council have said we can convert into additional 2, 2 bedroomed cottages! Sounds easy but I understand the pitfalls. Meanwhile waiting for licence to become a registered caranvan club licencee, hopefully open for bookings at Easter. We have already done a lot of landscaping, stone walling and planting in a traditonal cornish way using some palms and other plants. We have dug a drainage pond which is now full complete with jetty and an island, hoping this will colonize over the coming months. We are post and rail fencing around for safety sake and lessen the opportunity for accidents.

Stables have been made inside a disused agricultural building, these are for our 2 horses and also now a third indoor area has been prepared, made into a luxury chicken house. The chickens have a pop hole and a walkway into the grassland, so far so good they only arrived last night, 2 marans, 2 welsummers, 2 rhode island reds and a very young cockerel. Hopefully by living from dusk till dawn inside it will stem the sound of his lovely crowing. Having been reading friends blog and her new puppy I didn't envy the 6 am start not really going to look forward to a 5 am calling! By the way Mercedes you said writing was very cathartic I couldn't agree more. Getting my experiences written down will help me remember the journey we have all taken.