Friday, 25 April 2008

The weekend again!

Well i really don't know where the time goes, i was thrown slightly this week by the schools being closed yesterday. I think my brain thought today was Monday, but i am truly jiggered this week, cleaning and brushing our chicken and duck houses out. Started with power washer but you still need to brush all excess waste away. Shoulders are sore, need to wear wellies because of the wet but find wellies too hot and feet all sweaty - soon be fit flop weather.

Since one of our lovely saxony ducks has been drowned - yes drowned we are off to the royal cornwall showground tomorrow they are having a poultry sale and machinery sale, so hopefully will have new birds to mention soon. Our sons like the sales especially when the catering van is in situe!
Sale not that good for us, we have become very particular about our birds we have most from a lady that breeds as a hobby and her birds are very clean and well looked after a lot of the birds we saw today were not. People selling a trio of birds 2 hens and 1 cockeral only - all were cockerals, when you know what your looking for its easy to tell! So we bought nothing, don't want disease bringing in. By the way the duck drowned because it appears the drakes become very keen to be friends and there was nothing in the water to stand on so she couldn't get out of the water. You learn something new every day.

Saturday, 5 April 2008

And the odds and sods

So unlike all you other bloggers my blogs seem to be at the weekend, it seems i have more free time then. Most off the time i have to check chickens and pony and put eggs out for sale. However during the week especially with the easter holidays i have had to put out egg sale signs and make sure eggs are there to be sold.

Sad thing is that even here in sunny Cornwall people are bad, i would like to think it won't be local people but someone has stolen some of our egg money!!!!! Husband is gutted, but we have at little expense placed a camera at egg point. We now have pictures of everyone at every hour of the day checking the footage. We will be able soon to know who stole from us with footage and prosecute, maybe i am sure i can't be bothered.

Feel sad today i am very much aware it is the anniversary of the death of my Dad 7th April last year. There is not a day goes by that i don't think about him and miss him, he only ever saw in a brochure where we were going to be living, but seemed really keen. He was the best Dad a girl could ever have, we had loads of rows but never was there a moment when i thought he would kick me out right to the end he was such a good bloke. Okay sob story over for today sure i will be a wreck again by monday. Okay too much red wine for one day, be together again soon, update all the new farm additions Happy get uniforms ready for Monday celebrations!