Monday, 23 February 2009

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There are sometimes in life when I just need to rant and today is one of those days, if I can just be allowed to get something off my chest and then I will continue with a normal post.
Thank-you, I shall begin.
My third child is a lovely, lovely boy. He will 15 on Sunday 1st March and no he is not called David, that just wouldn't be my/our style. He looks about 12, under fed and a boy you just want to hug. He is extremely popular, with adults, all ages of children and particularly the girls. He copes brilliantly with his lack of height by being very charming and I know he is my son but it works. He is also a fantastic footballer, he is a striker and for the past 4 years (apart from the spell when he had an ingrowing toenail removed) he has consistently scored between 40 and 50 girls per season. What he lacks in stature he certainly makes up on speed and agility. So, at the end of last season his manager was moving on in the world of football to help bring on the college students through Cornwall. My boy was approached by another team to go and play for them but he turned them down as he wanted to stay with a bigger club, he felt loyal he said. So he was picked up by a manager of another existing team within his club and age group. He never misses a training session and constantly at home practises his tricks and skills. Managers son is also a striker, according to others not a very good one, so my boy scores consistently in training, my boy plays in first few games and settles in to scoring hat tricks and more, my boy has become an obvious threat to managers son, just by having skill and natural ability. Some of us, believe me I am slways the first to blame my kids rather than their friends, are able to rise above this and recognise talent but not this guy my son has for the last 6 games been allowed onto the pitch for 8 minutes, if he is lucky I sobbed for my son on the way home yesterday, not sad just frustration. So my son has approached old manager to see if he knows of any clubs needing a striker, the funny thing is that he got the old managers contacts from his son who is in the same year at school and played together last year, showing that even another footballer recognises my sons talent. He even said he would happily play for a lesser side and help get them up the league table! As a quote often used in this family " what could be better than playing for Manchester United?" " Why playing for Manchester City of course!" - from the film Jimmy Grimble , well worth watching!

Quite a long post for me but for anyone who reads this I am sure you will have come across this behaviour at some point in your life.


claire p said...

So unfair! It makes you want to spit! Hope his talent gets the recognition it deserves.

And I hope your brused bum is better. I never remember falling over hurting as a child. As an adult it hurts like mad.

Thank you for all your kind words. We all need a good rant now and then don't we? :0)

Frankies' Cornish Farmyard Ramblings said...

Thanks Claire, I am hopefully going to post some piccies soon of super boy and my 2 chickens which hatched today!

Lane said...

That is sooo unfair. Agree with Claire - I hope he gets all the recognition he deserves. He sounds like a very talented lad.