Tuesday, 3 February 2009


Well a catchy title for my post that I bet has never been thought of before ha,ha. The egg bit is all down to the fact that last week between the daylight hours of 11.30am and 1.30pm someone stole our egg box. This was actually a large'really useful box' - sold in staples and the like,it contained about 4 dozen newly laid eggs a money tin (meant to be an honesty box) and the cardboard egg boxes. This is not an opportunist thief, this is someone who has done the rounds and sussed out what is available for the taking. The box sits in a pull along green garden trolley just to make it easy to pull along and lock away at night. The annoying thing is that there were at least 7 builders on site, there is a constant stream of delivery vehicles at all times of the day. It couldn't be anyone in an ordinary car because the box would be too big, it must be an estate car or van etc. Anyway really, really angry so told local police they didn't laugh but took the whole thing seriously, the stupid thing is the box cost more than the contents! So we are moving the eggs further down the drive at least we can see what happening and who is around.

So and on to the snow, that is the citing bit of the title. Yes at last we have had snow in Cornwall so much so that the High School is closed, we had a text this morning to say so, I looked out of the caravan curtains and could understand why, a lovely winter wonderland. Great to see the kids faces and suddenly age doesn't matter the youngest daughter playing in the snow with her two brothers as if they were all under 10 - a lovely sight, great until the tears came, which happened when they sent snowballs her way I could see it from her point of view, she had straightened her hair for college this morning - did I tell you she will be 18 in June?
When we told her college was shut she cried - she is dyslexic, mildly but boy is she a creature of habit. She has to know the order of events every day of her life from getting up in the moring until bed time and if that routine changes for any reason god help the bearer of the news of the change ie his nibs said this morning, could you go and tell the Rottwieller that college is closed, so guess who got it in the neck, yup. The lovely Cornish man which works with us to bring our dream together turned up for work, in the truck, he only lives in the village but it was a dangerous journey, some would say foolish for trying but he couldn't stay at home I have never known a person so committed to work, then the chief builder arrived from the same village bringing in the chippy also the from the same village. So our man is working in the house to help with the plasterboarding! All hands on deck, last night the fitted furniture surveyor arrived 4 hours late and even with temporary lights couldn't survey all the house in the remaining light, so he drove off in a blizzard to find a bed for the night nearby. He said he would be back this morning which he was quite late, but lorries had skidded along the main road, cars were all over the place, so he took his time in his van and got here in one piece. As I sit in the laundry room looking out, the sun is shining and the snow is starting to melt, there is some more forecast but we shall have to wait and see, the danger is if it hasn't all melted it truly will be 'dancing on ice'.
The good news is that according to local radio February will be the month that people start looking at booking their summer holidays, so although we are beginning to get some cottage bookings, we could do with a few more, so fingers crossed, the caravan site is now in the new caravan club directory and we have had a lot of enquiries so much so that I turned someone away for an August booking! Hopefully with hubby getting us linked to different web site addresses folks will find out about us. In a way I don't want to be too busy the first year, last year it was just the 5 caravans, I thought people would be self sufficient, but it seems quite a lot of folk like to chat and of course check if they are allowed to walk around and see the animals which is fair enough, just as long as they are not stealing the eggs. Of which I will go and clean out their laying boxes. I might try to add some photos, you would think I would have got the hang of it by now!


claire p said...

Wow builders that come out in this weather!

Isn't it pretty though?

We could do with some more bookings as well, it's pathetic this year. Fingers crossed the credit crunch sends them all to Cornwall for their hols. Let's just hope they bring their brains with them this year, honestly the stories I could tell...as you'll no doubt discover.

Lane said...

Didn't you have a thief last year too? The flipping cheek of some people:-(

It's funny how snow brings out the kid in everyone. My 16 (soon to be 17) year old was playing like a little kid with her sister. Lovely.

Hope you're surviving the cold in the caravan and I hope the bookings come flooding in. I'm sure they will:-)

Frankies' Cornish Farmyard Ramblings said...

thanks Claire would love to read what folks get up to so we can be prepared!

Lane we had someone steal just the money last year. Rotten wet weather back again yuck.

auntiegwen said...

I too am a landlady, got a villa in Turkey and some people, like Claire says you would not believe it.

Lets hope we all have a good year bookings wise, I'm hoping the poor euro will make them want Turkey as it still has it's own currency the Lira xx

Frankies' Cornish Farmyard Ramblings said...

Dish the dirt on the guests, Auntie would like to be prepared.

Berthddu Suit said...

Sorry about your eggs an box Frankie, what a bummer!! Funny how the snow brings out different things in people, I turned into a big kid when I finally got to enjoy it with the girls!

Frankies' Cornish Farmyard Ramblings said...

thanks for comment, sometimes I feel I need to take life a little less serious. Sometimes it can be hard, hubby and I are trying to make a special effort. We got engaged 23 years ago on Valentines day, so takeaway and a quick glass in the pub tmorrow night!