Thursday, 19 February 2009

It should have been Friday 13th!

All was going well, we have had a visit from the local constanbulary who have suggested where we should place our eggs for sale so they are secure. They were really nice guys who I think wanted a little trip out.

The house is coming along great, windows are in and being stained as I write the tiling is almost finished the biggest remaining job is still plastering, it really is like the forth bridge. His nibs and his opo decided a bit of landscaping was needed so off they go with the digger leaving loads of mess and rubble, carrying on with my business off to the laundry room to check my emails (only place I can get an internet connection) next minute feet from under me thud! Bloodied knee bruised bum and shoulder and all they could do was laugh - so after I had a). stopped crying, b) stopped swearing I composed myself and carried on with my business. Needless to say the pair kept a very low profile for a while. So one of the joiners decided he would stand on a piece of wood which was lying against wall at an angle - next minute it leapt off the wall and hit on the eyebrow, so if that wasn't enough painter moved his stepladder got back on it but didn't check where the feet of the ladder were - one foot had fallen into the gap between the planks on scaffolding, sooooo 3 cracked ribs later, not sure when he will be back. They (whoever they are) says it comes in three's!

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