Friday, 10 April 2009

Who said it was a good Friday?

I am not a whinger, but I shall have a go. Fitted furniture? Well it seems the company who supplied us are bull****ers, several small vans have delivered furniture every other day since last Friday. Today the last van load of stuff has arrived, so you would think we were on target for Sunday move in, NO No No it aint happening until Wednesday now. This has been my ultimate decision to make, I have disappointed the kids and myself, his nibs wouldn't really notice we had moved at all, as long as he is fed and beered! Because furniture came in dribs and drabs the fitter could only fit what he had which in turn meant he was working in 3 bedrooms at once, which then meant, carpet fitter couldn't fit, so he has delayed rest of fitting until Tuesday. So, feeling better already - it is good to talk! So it makes more sense to put things away into units and do everything else but leave the beds till last.
It's Easter hols, kids have gone to the beach to play footy with his nibs, I am ploughing through washing and looking forward to being clean and tidy in new home.
On a different note, shepherd has taken ewe and lamb away to help them bond, baby duck is doing well and I am enjoying the lovely weather, time wise it will be two years since my beloved step dad died on Easter Saturday, I always feel his presence and the kids love to remember him too, I am so glad the youngest child can still remember him.
Have a lovely Easter everyone, not toooo much chocolate and spare a thought for the real reason we are celebrating, (gosh nearly went all religious on you, sometimes the catholic upbringing rears it's head from time to time)!


claire p said...

If you can't eat too much chocolate at Easter then when can you??

I hope you're feeling better. And I hope you get moved in soon. It's sooooo frustrating I remember. But worth it. How are your bookings coming in?

Frankies' Cornish Farmyard Ramblings said...

Thanks Claire,
for someone who keeps apologising for being down you always rencourage everyone to be positive.
Caravan bookings are great, at least all August and most of July and September are half full. Cottages have booked for 18 weeks so far, that is for the first two, the other two won't be ready until September. To be honest as a new venture too many could put us back, lets not run before we can walk. Just imagine if I was ill over changeover?

what happened ?how did i get HERE? said...

hey lovely blog! came to you via the fab auntie gwen...!


Lane said...

So you'll be moving in tomorrow?? Hurrah. I'm sorry it's been a long slog for you but glad you're almost there.
Hope you had a lovely Easter:-)x

Frank said...

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