Saturday, 4 April 2009

Are we there yet?

Well readers, the answer is nearly, I know, I know a long and drawn out process. Deadlines passed with a laugh and a scream - both from me. But we have turned the corner, the decorator has almost completed upstairs, kitchen men PROMISE to come back on Monday, the carpet is due to be put down Wednesday and Thursday and the fitted furniture is being fitted as we speak! Yes that's right, on a Saturday, he started yesterday morning and is working 12 hour days until finished on Easter Sunday which we think will be our first night in the house, very exciting. Apart from me starting with a head cold last week, missed a girls night in as would not have been good company to now have throbbing head, watery eye and sore sinuses, so guess who still has to cook, shop, wash, clean chickens, pick poo, plant out and on top of all that (did make the hairdressers for cut and colour which was final countdown for house move), my 3 sheep started to have their lambs, lamb number one easy, born two days ago with ears like dumbo and enormously long legs, oh and a massive scrotum hanging between legs, think that may be a ram says I. Number 2 sheep goes into labour, waters break and not much happening, 1 hour later head and one leg appears, hubby and friend tried to push back in to get the other leg, wouldn't budge, we ring our friend the shepherd who swings into action like the cavalry, however, lamb is dead, me sad I didn't cry just walked away left others to it. Builders had all be routing for the lamb, they seemed more upset than me! Then out of this tragedy comes hope, shepherd has an orphan lamb 3 days old at home, so (sparing details) he makes orphan lamb more attractive to the ewe, smells etc, and within 2 hours orphaned lamb is sucking from it's adoptive mother. They are secure in a stable at the moment but hopefully soon they will reunite with their friends in the field and gambol around together. Number 3 ewe due soon may well be expecting twins. Help.....


claire p said...

Oh fingers crossed for the move back in. You think it'll never happen I know. Sad about the lamb, but twins would be fun. Good luck with it all. And get well soon xx.

Frankies' Cornish Farmyard Ramblings said...

Feeling better today, shepherd has taken ewe and lamb away to bond. Move delayed by me until Wednesday, think kids will have forgiven me, probably when they get easter eggs on sunday!
Have a lovely weekend, hope your getting this lovely sunshine.